• Raspberry ketone has been around since the 1960s but its presence and popularity has been given a major boost recently when a popular television show has promoted it as a miracle cure for weight loss. Sales of food supplements containing the ketone have skyrocketed, leaving shelves empty and customers scrambling to find stocks. Before you do the same, it is important to see if it is truly effective or just a hype.

    Varying parts of the raspberry plant have been used in medicine for centuries. For instance, the leaves of the red raspberry plant have been known to treat gastrointestinal problems, respiratory issues, diabetes and heart problems. It is also used to flush out harmful toxins and chemicals from the blood and skin through urination, sweating and production of bile. As such, some people may assume that the ketones from raspberries may have some positive medicinal effects as well.

    Since the 1960s, countless raspberries have been harvested for their ketones. The substance is commonly used to give foods a sweet fruity scent. Raspberry ketone is expensive and hard to come by. As a result, most of the products that contain ketones use a substance that has been manufactured in the lab.

    Studies and experiments on mice indicate that the consumption of raspberry ketones has a number of positive effects on the body. These include preventing the development of a fatty liver by improving metabolism and speeding up the breaking down of fatty cells. In Korea, a separate study concluded that raspberry ketone encouraged the secretion of adiponectin. This particular hormone controls the level of fats and sugars in the person’s blood.

    Although the tests have been positive on mice, this does not automatically equate to producing the same results on humans. The results of the tests on mice have often been quoted as to why the supplements should work on humans. Using the term ketone makes people think that it could work just as well as the ketones used in similar programs such as the Atkins Diet.

    It is important for people to realize that products containing raspberry ketone have not been fully tested. As such, it is still imperative that people consult with a doctor before using supplements containing the substance. The side effects associated with consuming ketone have not been fully documented yet. A number of people who have taken the pill have reported experiencing palpitations, nausea and chest pains. The doctor should recommend whether it is safe to use and the proper dosage to reduce the chances of experiencing any side effects.

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